This Norway Mystery Trip Could Include Fjord Cruising, Treetop Cabins, and Reindeer — but It's All a Surprise

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Agatunet by Sørfjorden in Hardanger
Photo: Robin Strand/Courtesy of Fjord Norway

Exploring the gorgeous fjords, arctic regions, and buzzing cities of Norway sounds like a dream — but what if it was all a mystery? That's what one tour operator is proposing by planning mystery trips to the Scandinavian country where travelers don't know what they're doing until they get there.

Up Norway, which plans immersive trips throughout the country, is asking travelers to just show up while they put together an amazing vacation that is all a surprise, reps for the company told Travel + Leisure. While travelers won't know the details before going, trips are curated based on guests' wants and needs as well as what type of vacation they're after.

Biking by a Fjord in Norway
Courtesy of Fjord Norway

"Rooted in the Norwegian concept of blåtur, meaning 'into the blue,' travelers are more than willing to take a trip with no idea of where they are going or what they are doing," Torunn Tronsvang, the founder and CEO of Up Norway, told T+L. "In the past, Norwegians have often trusted a friend or family member to plan such a trip but, after varying levels of lockdown over the past two years, a surprise vacation experience is an increasing trend among international travelers as well… People want a trusted person to give them the best recommendations, the best advice. Now more than ever, they're willing to hand over the power."

Reindeer from Engholm Husky Design Lodge
Liv Engholm/Courtesy of Engholm Husky Design Lodge

Up Norway's mystery trips start at $2,300 per person for a five-night trip and can include anything from staying in a treetop cabin in the dense Finnskogen forest and visiting a reindeer sanctuary to cruising through the Hjørundfjord.

The northern lights over the Lyngen Lodge in Norway
Courtesy of Lyngen Lodge

But it's not all up to chance: before embarking on a getaway, travelers fill out a digital questionnaire and e-meet with an Up Norway trip specialist to discuss travel dates, interests, and — most importantly — budget. The company told T+L they ask about everything from the type of travel people are interested in (whether they want a relaxing, luxurious, culturally focused, or family-friendly trip), to the types of activities they usually like and the level of accommodations they prefer.

Kayaking through Norway
Courtesy of Fjord Norway

The Up Norway team will then suggest what kind of clothes people should pack so they're prepared. But if someone really just can't wait until they get there — which is definitely recommended — the team will spill the beans on the itinerary.

Norway welcomes travelers from around the world, including the United States, without any COVID-19-related travel restrictions, according to the Tourism Board of Norway. All testing, quarantine, and masking measures were dropped in February.

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