If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I find it entirely impossible to completely unplug myself when I’m on vacation. The idea of not having the option to check my e-mail, hop onto Facebook, or shoot off a tweet is enough to make my heart palpitate. So it’s no surprise that, despite being on a recent weeklong beachy retreat to Miami, I set aside some time to pop by the offices of Max Borges, purveyor of all things gadgets. And during this brief visit, they showed me a few new products that are just so much fun, I feel the need to share.

Just because of the very nature of my work, I see a lot of iPhone cases. It can be hard to get excited by them, after seeing so many. (Though this one definitely grabbed my attention, despite the lack of practicality.) But there were two in their stockpile that really grabbed my attention, both by a designer called Musubo. One, that I swapped out my BiKN case for, is just cool looking, and looks like the bottom of a sneaker. (Though at first, I thought it was more reminiscent of noise-insulating recording studio foam.) The other is a simple black rubber case, but there is a built-in stand on the back that looks like a book of matches. How cool is that?? (Also, how clever of them to call it the “Matchbook Pro”??)

Anyway, I thought both were worthy of sharing, and they made me start to question: what other truly inventive cases are out there that I haven’t seen yet? I’d love for you all to share your favorites with me! (Bonus points to whoever can find one more over-the-top crazy than the one I linked to above.)

Joshua Pramis is the social media editor and resident tech aficionado at Travel + Leisure. Follow him on Twitter: @joshuapramis.