My friends have been known to call me "Danny Tanner"—the super-organized-to-the-point-of-annoying dad from Full House—when it comes to my travel style. Think typed-up itineraries, folders filled with all necessary phone numbers, addresses, and confirmation codes, and even maps with directions (both to and from all major locations), just in case the GPS doesn’t work.

But things have been pretty hectic lately, which means I haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to being so anal while planning my upcoming trip to Italy. Luckily for me, came into my life to save the day.

The site is pure genius: after I signed up, I simply forwarded my flight and hotel confirmation e-mails to, and it culled all the necessary information together into a day-by-day itinerary, complete with maps, directions, weather reports, and more—basically, everything I normally would have spent hours researching. I connected with my travel buddies on the site, and forwarded my TripIt itinerary to my family so they can track my travels from back home. Lengthy lists and Excel spreadsheets, be gone!

The basic service itself is free, and there’s also a free iPhone app that brings all the information to your fingertips—literally. For $69 a year you can sign up for TripIt Pro, which helps you keep track of frequent-flier points, automatically sends you check-in reminders, gate information, and flight delay updates as they become available, helps you find alternate flights when necessary, and more.

Now I can find other things to be OCD about during my trip—like finding the best gelato spots in Rome. Suggestions, anyone?

Sarah Khan is a copy editor at Travel + Leisure.