TripAdvisor, New York
Credit: TripAdvisor

With the debut of its new Just For You feature, TripAdvisor is poised to become a leader in personalized—perhaps one day direct—travel booking.

“Every trip and every traveler is unique,” explained Adam Medros, TripAdvisor’s Senior Vice President of Global Product.

Prior to Just For You, TripAdvisor generated results with the most popular hotels listed first. Users could then narrow and adjust the list with general filters [I like luxury, or perhaps am seeking free breakfast, a budget property, or something charming].

“What [this] didn’t do,” said Medros, “is help travelers find the right hotel for them.”

For those with a TripAdvisor profile, the site can now leverage the feedback you provide in reviews, as well as your user history. The results of your search are sematched directly to your habits and preferences.

TripAdvisor may first suggest a hotel from a brand you love, or a property with amenities you’ve positively reviewed in the past—who doesn’t rave about a rooftop bar?

“We have such a wealth of content it can be overwhelming for a user,” Medros said. “Part of the goal of personalization is to give people the right, relevant [information] for them.”

With the addition of newly-launched travel guides, the Just For You customized search results suggest that TripAdvisor is preparing to take a more active role in the trip planning experience. It may not be long before they are curating entire customized trips for users.

At least for now, it’s another step in the travel site’s notable evolution, and a major convenience for TripAdvisor’s return users and avid reviewers.

Melanie Lieberman is the Editorial Projects Assistant and a member of the Trip Doctor News Team. You can follow her on twitter at @LittleWordBites.