By Amy Farley
November 24, 2014

Looking for quick solutions to your travel concerns? Our resident expert Amy Farley has the facts with Travel + Leisure’s Trip Doctor Challenge.

You’re ready to finally book that Europe trip, but the thought of seeing those pricey airfares sends you running in the other direction. But where there’s a will, there’s a way to get there without breaking the bank! A few tips:

Know when to book. The most-affordable airfares to Europe last year were booked eight to 10 weeks before departure—so start researching tickets at least three months out.

Fly on off days. Many carriers tack a surcharge (between $30 to $50 each way) onto tickets departing on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. And always be sure there’s a Saturday stay in your itinerary: airlines still penalize people for staying less than a week.

Be adventurous. Kayak found that the average fares into Dublin, Moscow, and Reykjavík were among the lowest last year, usually just under $1,000 roundtrip. To compare, tickets to Paris and Rome are $300 more expensive, on average. Use Google Flight Explorer and Andiamo to pinpoint these less expensive flights.

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