By Amy Farley
November 10, 2014

Looking for quick solutions to your travel concerns? Our resident expert Amy Farley has the facts with Travel + Leisure’s Trip Doctor Challenge.

Wondering how secure that hotel Wi-Fi really is? Today’s Trip Doctor Challenge video reveals how to make sure you’re protected when you log on while on the road.

Before you log in, ask the front desk to confirm the name of the network you’re joining, so you aren’t lured into any fake hotspots nearby.

Make sure the network is secure. It should require you to enter both a username and password. And it should be properly encrypted.

How can you tell? Look for something indicating WPA2-level security. Find this by either hovering your mouse over the network name or checking your network preferences.

To avoid prying eyes: make sure your software is up-to-date before you travel. And stay on encrypted websites—which start with the prefix https. They’ll keep your communication, including user names and passwords, secure.

And finally, avoid banking and conducting personal business over the Wi-Fi. Instead, use the cellular network on your phone—or turn your phone into a hotspot for your laptop.

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