I was discussing with my colleagues earlier today my relative inability to unplug myself from the world, no matter where I am. So it’s fitting that, shortly after this discussion, I received an e-mail from the Lanesborough in London, telling me about their newest guest service: the installation of Mac minis in each of the hotel’s 95 guestrooms. (Which, when you think about it, is an interesting contrast: the sleek, stylish white devices surrounded by the Georgian-style décor of the hotel.)

This additional resource lets guests access more/better TV and movie choices, as well as a place to plug in their own personal iPods, iPhones, and iPads—even personal digital cameras and jump drives, if need be. (Not to mention, access to the Internet and programs standard on any new Mac, like iLife.)

The incorporation of the latest technological devices with the hotel experience is a trend I’ve noticed is on the rise lately. At the literary themed Le Pavillon des Lettres in Paris, each room comes with use of a personal iPad, fully stocked with bestselling novels and a selection of daily newspapers. And then there’s the Andaz, a NYC Wall Street hotel that completely does away with the front desk, and instead checks guests in via iPad.

Personally, I’m happy to have the option to remain an active participant in the digital world—for better or for worse. With so many hotels taking on these types of tech initiatives, I'll most definitely be on the watch for more. (And please do let me know if you learn of any!)

Call me technologically dependent, but hey, if it means I have to lug one less thing with me to the airport, well then...sign me up!

Joshua Pramis is an online associate editor and resident tech guru at Travel + Leisure. Follow him on Twitter: @joshuapramis.

Photo courtesy of the Lanesborough.