Sure sure, bacon is as ubiquitous a guilty pleasure as the Twilight saga, but with more bars serving pork by the glass, this trend might have some highbrow staying power. Here are just a few spots where you can sip some smoky goodness:

Setai, MiamiHickory Old Fashioned
Paul Sevigny, the mixologist and creator of the new beverage menu at the Setai, takes a formal approach to his porky additions. “I believe that bartenders should put as much effort into their cocktails as chefs put into their cuisine.” Luckily, Sevigny’s put all of the elbow—er, bacon?—grease into this drink recipe, so all you have to do is shake and enjoy:

2 oz. Bacon infused bourbon (see video below)
3 dashes angostura bitters
.25 oz. maple syrup
Bacon and Sage garnish

Double Down Saloon, Las VegasBacon Martini
Simplyput, this vegas watering hole shoves a bunch of cooked bacon in abottle of well vodka and serves it shaken, over ice. A major crowdpleaser.

PDT, New York - Benton's Old Fashioned
The speakeasy-inspired bar's clever bartender, Don Lee serves up a bacon-infused George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey with maple syrup, and bitters. An excellent mix of all my favorite things: buzzy scene, maple syrup, bacon, and booze.

Here, Guy Fieri visits Town Talk Diner in Minneapolis to learn how to make bacon-infused bourbon. Please, try this at home.

Charlotte Savino is the online listings editor at Travel + Leisure.