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Q. I'm trying to find contact information for Sabre Travel Agency. I have been unsuccessful in locating its web site. I was referred to use it by Travelocity to make reservations, but can't find anything to use.

A. You're a bit mixed up. Sabre (along with Gallileo International, Worldspan, Apollo, and a handful of others) is a computer reservation system, called a CRS, that is used by travel agents to book airline and other travel reservations for clients. Sabre is also the CRS used by the Travelocity online reservations web site ( — mainly because Travelocity is owned by the Sabre Group (which in turn is an affiliate of American Airlines.) When you make a reservation on the Travelocity Web site, you are actually using the Sabre CRS. All of which leads me to think that you may have misunderstood the message you received from Travelocity.