“I overpack,” says Jimmy Choo chief creative officer Tamara Mellon, OBE. “Always!” For a woman with an estimated collection of 1,000 pairs of shoes, that can sometimes mean checking four to eight suitcases. The English-born, New York–based executive’s main route is JFK to Heathrow, but since Jimmy Choo is a go-to label for A-list actresses, flying to Los Angeles for glitzy Hollywood parties also counts as a business trip. She takes a surprisingly streamlined approach when it comes to her travel look, however. “My rule,” Mellon says, “is to keep it simple.” She starts with J Brand stretch jeans ($158) and a cotton T by Alexander Wang top ($76), and adds a blazer ($525)—such as this wool-blend style, also by Alexander Wang. She accessorizes with leather biker boots ($1,195) and oversize sunglasses ($295)—“you never feel good when you get off a plane, so it’s great to hide behind a big pair of shades”—both by Jimmy Choo. Her mock-croc tote ($1,795) and wheelie ($3,595) are from the brand’s recently launched 24/7 bag collection. After all, you’re going to need the right luggage if you pack 30 pairs of shoes “just in case.”


Fit for the Road: “I’m sure to bring Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout DVD ($30), so I can exercise in my hotel room.”

Magazine: “I always pick up the British edition of fashion weekly Grazia at the airport. It’s my guilty pleasure.”

Pants: Mellon might seem like the type who wouldn’t be caught dead in sweatpants, but once on board she changes into a cotton pair from T by Alexander Wang ($138).

Towelettes: She brings Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes to freshen up on the plane.

Aromatherapy: “To relax, I put a few drops of Aveda lavender oil ($17) on my travel pillow.”

Moisturizers: “Flying is so dehydrating. I carry Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ($17) and Systane eyedrops (from $11), and rather than foundation I use Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer ($40).”

Fragrance: For now, Mellon only has to pack one perfume bottle; she created the brand’s new namesake fragrance (from $70)—versatile enough for any occasion—with the essence of tiger orchid.