Small plates, big ideas, and the next hot new destination
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We all look forward to the New Year to get a fresh start, make resolutions, and of course to peer into our crystal ball and figure out what will happen this year.

The year past saw some pretty interesting developments in the world of travel: the launch of the Internet on a U.S. airline, the rise of green travel, the announcement of a new hotel in space (reportedly coming in 2012). The dollar hit an all-time low against the euro, bringing a growing number of Parisians and Berliners to the streets of New York in search of cheap fashion and lattes (not to mention apartments).

The economies of China and India continue to surge, offering their citizens more leisure time and higher salaries, and travel-related companies are following the money. Luxury hotel chains are coming to Beijing to capitalize on both the 2008 Olympics and the future of this economic giant. A new airline, Jet Airways, launched to take advantage of India’s growing wealth, offering planes decked out with private first-class cabins.

Jet Airways wasn’t the only airline to do well with luxury offerings. Emirates also has private first-class cabins, and all-business-class airlines like Eos are continuing to thrive.

So what’s going to happen in 2008?Space travel going mainstream?An airplane that flies itself?Robot butlers at the Ritz?Ok, probably not—but there will be even more interesting developments in how we travel, from airport security to local restaurants.