10 of T+L’s favorite globe-trotters reveal their European dream trips.


“I grew up in England, but I have seen very little of it. My perfect vacation would be spent tootling around the highways and byways and visiting all those ditzy little English villages. I want to have a Thomas Hardy moment. Or a Wuthering Heights moment.” —Simon Doonan, writer and Barneys creative director

“A week at the beachfront Hôtel du Palais, in Biarritz, France.” —Sophie Theallet, fashion designer

“I would ride every inch of Europe on the rails, eating train food and buying deodorant for the Eastern Europeans in the next car.” —Rob Corddry, actor and comedian

“A culinary tour through France and Spain, with stops in Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Barcelona.” —Jason Pomeranc, co-owner, Thompson Hotels

“Two weeks (or even three days) discovering more of Sicily. I want to see the art and architecture and spend time in a village near olive groves and orange and lemon plantations.” —Olga Polizzi, design director, The Rocco Forte Collection

“Taking a gulet along the southwestern Turkish Coast.” —Mehmet Oz, M.D., host, The Dr. Oz Show

“I would love to walk the Camino de Santiago, in Spain. It’s an ancient pilgrim’s trail that passes through the Asturias mountain range and ends at Santiago de Compostela.” —José Andrés, chef and restaurateur

“Spending a full year circumnavigating the Mediterranean Sea in a small boat. My crew would include three Ph.D. scholars—one in ancient history, one in art, and one in marine biology—and all would be multilingual.” —Natalie Merchant, singer and songwriter

“Kayaking the Svalbard Islands, north of Norway, where there’s camping, polar bears, and 24 hours of sunlight in the summer.” —John Kernick, photographer

“A six-day trek in the Alps, from Arolla to Zermatt, in late spring, when it’s sunny but cold and very, very quiet.” —Murray Moss, design entrepreneur

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Dream trips on the Continent from our A-List travel agents

Virginia Irurita

Specialty: Spain

“Celebrating the seven-day San Fermín fiesta in Pamplona by waking up every morning for the running of the bulls before dancing the traditional Baile de la Alpargata in the Casino Principal.”

Clare Seyer

Specialty: France
“Watching the ancient Festival of Transhumance (the seasonal migration of livestock) from the six-room Comptoir d’Aubrac, on the Aubrac plateau.”

Pallavi Shah

Specialty: Italy
“A night at the Four Seasons Hotel Florence before wine tasting and dining in Monforte d’Alba.”

Marjorie Shaw

Specialty: Italy
“Traveling by luxury dirigible from the Sicilian island of Vulcano to Italy’s tallest mountain, Monte Rosa.”

Greg Tepper

Specialty: Russia
“A fall cruise on the Volga River from Moscow to Astrakhan. The foliage is bright and there are no crowds.”