Travel + Leisure wants to know how you travel now—what your style and preferences are on the road. Take our multiple-choice quiz (after the break) and drop us a note in the comment section with your answers (only one per question, please).

How We Travel Now

Select only your top choice.

1) What is your primary goal when you travel for leisure:
a) interact with local people and the "real" local culture
b) see the major sights
c) relax and enjoy myself
d) spend quality time with my family and/or friends

2) Do you like to dress up when traveling for leisure?
a) Never
b) Occasionally
c) Always

3)Are shorts and flip-flops appropriate on an airplane?
a) Yes
b) No

4)Is travel today more authentic/genuine than it was 40 years ago?

5) When you're on the road, where would you prefer to have dinner:
a) a classically elegant restaurant with formal décor and synchronized service
b) a small contemporary restaurant renowned for its avant-garde cuisine
c) a boisterous local joint known for its authentic home-style cooking
d) a chic, see-and-be-seen place with a fabulous crowd

6) Traveling somewhere you've never been, whose advice would you trust more in choosing a place to eat?
a) a local resident
b) The Michelin Guide
c) a local foodie blog
d) the hotel concierge
e) a friend back home who'd visited a few years earlier

7) Arriving for the first time in a foreign city, would you rather stay in:
a) a hotel room with provocative, cutting-edge design by a noted architect
b) a grand, old-school palace with costumed doormen and butler service
c) a small inn or B&B where the owner knows your name

8) Would you prefer the hotel staff to address you as:
a) Sir or Madame
b) Mr. or Mrs. ______
c) Hi there! How's your day going?
d) Don't address me at all, just smile and say nothing

9) Ideally, what would you prefer the staff at your hotel wear?
a) Business suits
b) Tailored polos and khakis
c) Whatever they want
d) T-shirts with the name of the hotel

10) What's most crucial in choosing a hotel?
a) Style/design
b) Value/affordability
c) Exclusive access & connections
d) Authenticity/local flavor
e) Luxury/pampering

By Travel + Leisure and Travel + Leisure Staff