Top Suit Tailors in Bangkok
Credit: Erich Haefele / Alamy

Custom shirts and suits are the ultimate Thailand souvenirs for men. Take a walk down the main streets of Bangkok and you’ll see nearly as many tailors as you will Thai restaurants. But with a countless number of options, how do you sort out the good from the bad? Red flag number one is solicitation. Many of the low-end shops hire taxis or tuk-tuks to help lure customers into the store on the promise of big discounts and free ride home. The second red flag: hard to believe prices and 12-hour turnaround times. A quality tailor should insist on two fittings for shirts and pants, and an additional in-person meeting for suit jackets and tuxedos. The five shops listed here are a cut above the rest, and rival the quality and craftsmanship of the Garment District in New York City or Savile Row in London. If you have just three days in Bangkok you can leave with new, bespoke wardrobe.

Pinky’s Tailor

Since 1980, Bangkok’s diplomats have been flocking to Mr. Pinky for his specialty item: custom suit jackets. Out-of-towners are offered complimentary hotel pick-up, drop-off, and delivery and Mr. Pinky is one of the few high-end tailors that execute women’s clothing well. Shirts start at 1,000 Baht, and suits start at 8,000 Baht.

Embassy Suit Gallery

If you’re pressed for time in Bangkok, the quick delivery and fitting scheduled at your hotel make Embassy Suit Gallery a prime choice. These Brits have been a big name in the Bangkok tailoring world since 1998, and have a wide array of fabrics. Shirts start at 1,000 Baht, and suits start at 8,000 Baht.

Empire Tailor

The offerings here are pricier, but each piece is handmade by a master tailor to ensure top quality. Thanks to a modern website design (something a lot of Bangkok establishment are missing) reordering custom items is dangerously easy. Shirts start at 2,500 Baht, and suits start at 14,500 Baht.

Tailor On Ten

This popular Bangkok tailor requires three custom fitting appointments that begin the day after your measurements are taken. Reservations are recommended for the initial appointment, but the shop is spacious and iPads are available while you wait. The three shirt minimum order is strict and they only accept cash. Shirts start at 1,700 Baht, and suits start at 12,000 Baht.

Raja's Fashion

Boasting a high-end list of regular clients, Bobby Gulati caters to the foreign crowd with ease and has prices that are almost too good to be true. Don’t be surprised if you find a chilled Heineken in your hand as your pursue the fabrics. Shirts start at 1,300 Baht, and suits start at 9,640 Baht.