By Hadi Ktiri
January 23, 2015
Top Rainy Day Activities in New Orleans
Credit: Alamy

You could set your watch to the rain in this town. Every day during the summer it rains for about a half an hour. And it’s a welcome sight for most of us. The rain is a much-needed reprieve from the sedentary-inducing heat that reigns king during our long summer season. A day out on the town can be a bit challenging if it’s raining on your parade. Luckily there are quite a few things that you can do even if it is a total monsoon outside. Here are some pointers for braving the rain: Don’t wear flip-flops. There are few things worse than stepping into a puddle on Bourbon Street. Also, be sure to watch out for metal manhole covers. They can be very slippery. All that’s really needed to enjoy the day in New Orleans when it’s raining is an umbrella and a little courage. After all, it’s only water.

Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

The aquarium is one of the main attractions for visitors looking to entertain themselves with hours of nature discovery. One of the parts of the visit that is always fascinating is the Amazon exhibit. Because you can easily spend hours wandering around here it is one of the best places to when it’s storming outside.

Audubon Insectarium

Run by the same conservation group as the aquarium, the insectarium is conveniently located in the French Quarter, which makes it a perfect destination for rainy day fun. Kids and adults alike are thrilled by the creepy crawly displays. Make sure to catch the underground gallery and the butterfly garden.

Friday Lunch at Galatoire’s

A New Orleans institution, Friday Lunch at Galatoire’s often attracts the city’s gentile population for a long day of eating and drinking. Because it starts early and can continue well into the afternoon, having lunch here is a great way to ride out a dreary, wet day. Make sure to order cocktails, and many of them, because everyone does.

Frozen Irish Coffee at Erin Rose

Famous for being one of the best industry dive bars in the French Quarter, The Erin Rose has one drink that few bars do – the frozen Irish Coffee. It is a delicious, creamy cocktail that will turn any rainy afternoon into a happy engagement. If you crave a bite to eat, head to the back bar for a sandwich at Killer Poboys.

The Theatres at Canal Place

There are few better ways to spend a rainy day than at the movies. And the Canal Place theatres are the best in New Orleans. Once inside, grab a cocktail to take in with you before the movie. Then relax in one of the plush chairs and a waiter will serve you food and drinks throughout the show.