Top Nightlife Spots in Delhi
Credit: © Chris Fredriksson / Alamy

The popular joke goes that you’ll find the most varied species of wildlife in Delhi: there pretty parks to roam around during the day, but when the sun sets, the party animals rule the night! Most of the nightclubs in Delhi are located inside five-star hotels because they’ve got the permits needed to stay open for that one last song… followed by another, and another. Whether you’re into shots or champagne, you’ll find your kind of rhythm at one of Delhi’s nightclubs. If you want the kind of evening in which you can’t seem to tear yourself from the dance floor (and don’t want to tear yourself from the dance floor), try the floor at Skooter (though it's not for the faint-hearted). And if you’re more the type to lounge by the pool, kicking off your heels in between tracks, head to mellow I-Kandy. So tell us, deejay—where’s the bass? These are my five favorite after-dark party spots in Delhi:

Shiro and Skooter

They share a wall in Hotel Samrat, but these two nightclubs are otherwise as different as night and … later that night. Shiro is an old-time favorite with namesakes in Bombay and Bangalore, all dedicated to a Zen-like feeling with their giant Buddha statues. Skooter, on the other hand, has nothing peaceful about it, with high-energy music and a higher-energy crowd. Which door will you choose?


Or, you could head to the third nightclub in Hotel Samrat. This one started as a members-only club, and although they’ve opened up entry (for a price), it still retains that bit of exclusivity. Have your camera smile/smolder/pout ready; this is a favorite spot among celebrities and the cameras that follow them.


The bar/club at the Pullman Hotel is situated around the large pool—with a dance floor to one side, and lazy white lounging areas on the other. The whole area is lit beautifully with huge torch flames, and the deejay console is up a tree. While his inaccessibility means that you have to rein in the requests, you can trust that he knows how to get the party started.

Kitty Su

If you’re the type of person who is disproportionately encouraged by a bit of liquid courage, watch your poison: This new kid on the block, nightclub-wise, features a apparel and accessories boutique for men and women, as well as—in what can only be a pretty dangerous idea after a few drinks—an in-house tattoo parlor.

Club Pangaea— The Ashok

Here is a vivid example of popular demand. Delhiites who travelled around the world have loved uber-luxurious, bottle-service-style Club Pangaea and its sibling nightclubs so much, that the owners decided to bring it to Delhi. You can’t escape the plushness —so you may as well just embrace it.