Top Luxury Hotels in the Bahamas
Credit: National Geographic Image Collection / Alamy

To explore the top luxury hotels in the Bahamas you must embark on a five-island hop in the Central Bahamas. Before Kamalame Cay, I only visited Andros Island for its ecotourism attractions: bone fishing, hunting crabs and swimming in blue holes. But Kamalame Cay put this island on the map of luxury. Dotting across a 96-acre estate, the resort’s beach bungalows are adorned with East Asian and Bahamian décor. In Nassau, the luxury offerings range from flashy to obscure. The One and Only Ocean Club is a resort in the city that cloaks itself in natural beauty and feels like a distant oasis. Harbour Island is a little island with a lot of tourism development. Properties like Valentines Resort seamlessly combine old charm with modern elegance. Eleuthera has many residential areas where you can find luxury by simply renting a private home. I love Gaulding Cay and Winding Bay as residential options, but if you want a polished luxury resort you can head straight for The Cove.

Kamalame Cay

A 15-minute-helicopter ride from Nassau will land you on Kamalame Cay, a private island in Andros, where luxury is equally defined by a rich state of being as it is by quality service and an exquisite physical environment. The resident owners at Kamalame Cay have effervescent personalities and passion for island indulgence that is reflected in the service delivered by the resort’s staff.

One and Only Ocean Club

James Bond may be a fictional super spy but the time he spent at the Ocean Club was very real. The luxury resort with its secluded villas, elegant terraced gardens and ocean views perfectly matches James Bond’s characteristic suave sophistication. Secure an ocean view room and make use of their butler service to enjoy a sunrise breakfast on your private balcony.

The Cove, Eleuthera

So you won’t get an authentic feel of Eleuthera (one of my favorite islands) at this manicured boutique, but you will live out your fantasy of being pampered in paradise. The resort spreads across two shallow coves that are naturally interlocked by a cliff-top peninsula. From all angles of the property there are breathtaking vistas, plus, you’ll enjoy the meticulous facilities.

Fernandez Bay Village

Luxury that simply enhances that natural beauty of the environment is what Fernandez Bay Village delivers. The resort’s beach side villas are elegant, rustic and secluded. Native-cut stone is featured on the exterior and interior walls and the open-air showers are an indulgence.

Valentines Resort and Marina

The luxury suites at Valentines Resort in Harbour Island take their architectural style from the historic clapboard dwellings unique to old-time Bahamas. This gives the resort a small-island feel. Inside these spacious suites, however, are the trappings and amenities of modern comfort. Try a catered meal on your secluded balcony or a couple’s massage inside the coziness of your private room.