By Rachel B. Levin
December 08, 2014
Top Juice Bars in Los Angeles
Credit: Bethany Nauert

What's in the hands of most celebrities these days when they're paparazzi-bombed mid-drink? Not cocktails. Cold-pressed juice! The local craze for fresh juices extracted with cold-pressing (to preserve the produce's enzymes) reflects LA's obsession with healthy eating and radiant, camera-ready beauty. Juice is touted for its anti-aging and wellness benefits, and those who do juice cleanses swear by the stuff as a powerful way to shed weight and toxins. LA's perennially sunny weather also stokes thirst for the frosty, fruity beverages—most juice bars have a rotating roster of seasonal specials to keep up with demand. The best of the juiceries—including these five—source organic local produce, serve their juices raw (not pasteurized), and don't add anything like water or sugar. Not sure what to order? Some of these juiceries fancy themselves natural pharmacies of sorts and can recommend a blend based on your wellness goals and concerns. Cheers!

Moon Juice

Juice is the nectar of the hipsters at this trendy juice haven with outposts in LA's coolest 'hoods. The menu lists the health benefits of the raw, hydraulically pressed juices—think gingered lemon juice for immunity or spiced yam juice for brain power. Their fresh almond milk is delish too!

Pressed Juicery

Considering a juice cleanse? This rapidly expanding chain of juice stores is one of LA's most popular sources for those making the plunge. Each cleanse incorporates a variety of yummy blends of citrus, greens, and roots. Not ready for a totally liquid diet? Hop in for single-serving bottles to go.

Sustain Juicery

This downtown juice bar keeps the atmospheric frills to a minimum to focus on what's most important: the liquid goods. The result is flawless, made-to-order juices and smoothies loaded with flavor. Don't miss the "Emerald" juice with kale and dandelion or the "Purple Rain" smoothie with bananas, berries, and beets.

Beverly Hills Juice

In 1975, before juice was trendy, this sliver of a juice joint began churning out fruit and vegetable concoctions for the health-obsessed. Today, it's an institution of raw, unpasteurized juice pressed from local produce. Seasonal favorites run the gamut from apple-strawberry-coconut juice to ten-vegetable blends to "banana manna" vegan shakes.

Erewhon Tonic & Juice Bar

The juice bar at this posh natural grocery store embraces Hippocrates' adage "Let food be thy medicine." The emphasis is on custom-blended drinks to promote healing, so let the barista know what's ailing you. She might recommend cold-pressed coconut-Bulgarian rose water or a "Green Goddess" superfood smoothie. Pretty delicious medicine!