Top Five Ski Runs in Jackson Hole
Credit: Alamy

With 116 named runs scattered across 2,500 acres and two mountains, it’s tough to pick just five favorite runs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Add in the 3,000+ acres of accessible side country terrain and the task of choosing becomes more difficult than skiing Corbet’s Couloir, the resort’s test piece run that requires skiers to jump off a 10-foot cornice to start. So I’m not including any of the resort’s backcountry runs on this list. Hire a Mountain Sports School guide and they’ll show you those goods. In bounds, of course theirs is Corbet’s. If you’ve got the skills and bravery to ski it, go for it. It’ll make your vacation. I promise the entrance is the most difficult part. If you’re not feeling Corbet’s, no problem. Jackson Hole is no longer just steep and scary. The resort has invested significantly in improving its intermediate runs and I recommend even expert skiers try the two blues on this list.

The Cirque

Last winter the resort groomed a swath of this black diamond run off the Sublette lift for the first time ever. I can’t say for certain, but I think it’s the steepest groomed run at the resort. But you really want to hit the wide-open Cirque on a powder day for 800-vert of face shots.

Rendezvous Trail

This winding, intermediate+ groomer is not only long and varied—there are three distinct sections—but it also offers glorious views out over the valley. Advanced skiers should soak them in at the top so that, lower down, they can look out for the chance to ski into trees on the north side. Glades in there are short, but sweet (and steep). Intermediate skiers will really enjoy the wide-open middle section of the run.

The Hobacks

Even locals have problems skiing these 2,000-foot, ungroomed, 28-degree runs near the resort’s southern boundary without their quads quaking. Whether you opt for the South, Middle or North Hoback, you won’t be disappointed. On powder days, sometimes you can still find freshies in the trees between North Hoback and Rendezvous Trail at noon.

Corbet’s Couloir

No other ski run in the world has had as much written about it as Corbet’s. This is not without good reason. After a mandatory-air entrance—it varies between five and 15 feet—you land facing a rock wall. Turn quickly to avoid that and you’re home free. Mostly. By midseason, there’s no more major obstacles, but there are several hundred feet of a 40-degree slope between you and the bottom.


Even if you don’t mean to ski Werner over and over, you will. It’s just that fun, from a steep rollover at the top to a mellow middle that encourages giant GS turns. A steep bottom pitch ensures you arrive back at the bottom of the Après Vous high-speed quad lift with your heart racing.