Top Fine Dining Restraurants in the Bahamas
Credit: Courtesy of Graycliff

There is an attention to detail you will find at the top fine dining restaurants in the Bahamas that delivers a multi-sensory experience, and simply puts you in good spirits. At the One&Only Ocean Club’s Dune restaurant, for instance, the smell of the ocean as its salt spray vaporizes just outside the dining room is the back note to the aromas of gourmet cooking. At Sapodilla, the rhythmic sound of soft percussion instruments (along with the delicious food) has a way of inducing a state of quiet contentment as the vibrations echo from your earlobes to the rest of your body. On Harbour Island, meanwhile, the wide stretch of natural harbor will soothe your eyes as you look out from the dining verandah at The Landing; on Nassau, the flavor of fine wine at Graycliff—more than 400 choices from vintners in 15 countries—will send your taste buds into a euphoric oblivion. And the feel of home will come on so strong at Mahogany House, you may be tempted to get too comfortable and let it all hang out. Remember, though, this is Bahamian fine dining—and keep it together.

Mahogany House

At this restaurant on the western end of Nassau, the recipe for fine dining is simplicity. Whether it is an asparagus risotto flavored with lemon and parmesan or a lamb burger bathed in mint yogurt and red onions, the fresh ingredients are always combined in a calculated way to produce effortless culinary art. Nestled in a grove of native trees, the restaurant’s softly lit interior is furnished with earthy fixtures, including three mahogany wine showcases that separate the bar from the dining area.


Set in a polished and refined colonial-era mansion, Graycliff is a true oasis in the chaotic hustle of downtown Nassau. High society has been dining at this estate since it was originally built in 1740 by a notorious pirate. The lingering love for fine spirits has stayed with the property; it now houses an award-winning cellar with over 250,000 bottles of fine and rare wines, making it one of the largest private collections in the world.

The Landing

Harbour Island is just 3.5 miles long, and 1.5 miles wide—but packed inside this hot spot for quiet-loving pleasure seekers is a wealth of comfort, elegance and charming island character. You will find this and more at The Landing, a contemporary fine dining restaurant situated in an historic colonial era inn on the Harbour Island waterfront. On the menu, you’ll find local ingredients masterfully elevated and combined with fresh seafood.


The fingers of a master are always at play on the grand piano in the Sapodilla cocktail lounge. The soothing sounds set the mood for a night of intercontinental dining; the menu flaunts the best of Caribbean, French, German and Italian cuisine. This fine dining restaurant is enclosed by a lush natural wetland preserve. Soft up lighting illuminates the native palms and pines that sit on this sprawling Nassau estate.


Perched on a sand dune overlooking scenic Cabbage Beach, this Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant at The One&Only Ocean Club offers spectacular sunset views and an intimate atmosphere. Sipping champagne or fine vintage wine inside, looking through the enormous windows, is especially fabulous when cozied up with someone special; creative tropical cocktails are also served at an outdoor bar pavilion.