By Ashley Niedringhaus
August 12, 2014
Top Cooking Schools in Bangkok
Credit: Asian Specialists / Alamy

Eating in Thailand is traditionally an all-day affair that involves consuming many snacks and small meals throughout the day. If you’re able to master this on-the-go eating style, your taste buds will be rewarded handsomely as you work through the flavors that make Thai food so unique—galangal, lemongrass, coconut, colorful curries that range from mild to scorching hot. You’re sure to fall in love with at least a few dishes during your stay, and the cooking schools in Bangkok offer a range of menus, so you can learn to recreate your favorite meals long after you return home. Expect to learn four to six dishes during a half-day of class. (Some schools offer a full week of lessons for those who really want to master the cuisine.) You’ll leave with recipe cards and the skills to wow friends at your next dinner party. And of course, make sure to come hungry—you’ll be able eat the fruits of your labor after class is dismissed.

Blue Elephant Bangkok

At Blue Elephant, two sessions are offered daily and the morning session includes a quick trip to the market before the hands-on lesson. Class sizes are limited and each group will learn to prepare four courses before feasting on their confections in the beautiful dining room. If interested, private lessons and weeklong courses are also available.

Silom Thai Cooking School

For the 1,000 Baht (around $30) fee, you’ll shop for ingredients at a local market and learn to prepare a full Thai meal in four hours. Classes at the Silom Thai school move at a fast pace to teach the complete six-course dinner in the allotted time, but this experience is a great value for the money.

Oriental Hotel Thai Cooking School

Taught by expert chefs in an antique wooden house, the Oriental Hotel’s cooking school was the first to open in Bangkok back in 1986. The four-course classes are available Monday to Saturday and cooking is done in teams, which might not suit the needs of advanced at-home chefs. Lunch is included in the tuition price, and classes are limited to 15 students.

Amita Thai Cooking Class

Students at Amita’s cooking school arrive at the hands-on class after a 20-minute boat ride past Bangkok’s major temples. Then, they’ll start the morning with a visit to the school’s herb and spice garden before learning to prepare four dishes at an individual station. Classes are limited to 10 people and transportation to and from your hotel is included in the class fee.

Baipai Thai Cooking School

Many of the ingredients that make Thai dishes so incredible can be hard to find in Western groceries stores, but the classes at Baipai teach technique and offer substitution ingredients to find at home. Classes are taught in a home environment and students learn to prepare four dishes over the course of the lesson.