Top Boutique Luxury Hotels in New Delhi
Credit: Ashish Chawla

When plain old luxury isn’t enough, maybe we need to go boutique? Boutique is a funny term, nowadays covering all manner of sins. I think that’s a really good thing—it encourages us to overlook imperfections and make the most of the moment. But when you combine boutique with luxury, there’s really no room for error. In the hotel category, this means stunning properties that parade personality, and service standards of perfection to boot. There are some stalwarts in the category that come with history and beautiful architecture like The Imperial. Not to be left behind are other properties that may lack in heritage but make up with stunning modern structures and luxurious amenities, like Dusit Devrana or The Lodhi. If you’d like a little bit of character to go with your evening drink, here are some of the top hotels in Delhi that both know luxury and are an attraction unto themselves.

The Lodhi

Located right in the center of Central Delhi, The Lodhi was previously a property within the Aman Resorts hospitality group. The design details don’t just stand for a proud and modern Indian sensibility, but also address all the little touches that go a long way in making excellence possible.

Maidens Hotel

Located a bit far out (in North Delhi), it probably won’t be your first choice in you want to be within walking distance of the city’s action. But if you’re looking to slow down after a hectic city day, this 1903 heritage hotel will transport you to the joys of easier evenings and simpler times. Managed by the legendary Oberoi Group, it’s not surprising that everything is perfect.

The Manor

Built in the 1950s when space was even more generous, The Manor balances the lazy, sprawling nature of the property with its clean, modern architecture. It has a delicious “villa” feel to it—probably because it spreads across only a couple of levels. Which also means quicker access to the lush lawns.

The Imperial

Ah, will we ever tire of this one? Probably not. One of the long-standing bastions of old Colonial times, the hotel is immaculately maintained and consistently ranks in “best of” lists around the world. With its collection of British era artifacts and a building that was part of the 1930 plan for the construction of New Delhi, it’s an integral part of the city.

Dusit Devarana

Fast forward to many decades later, Dusit Devarana is an ultra-luxury hotel run on the principles of Thai hospitality. (Its parent company runs Dusit Thani in other parts of the world.) The Devarana property is one of a kind, incorporating the spa feeling seamlessly into the hotel experience with shimmering water bodies in every direction you look. How it manages to maintain this calm oasis feeling, despite being minutes away from the highway and the airport, is just one of its modern charms.