Top Art Galleries in Miami
Credit: Jill Hunter / Alamy

When it comes to creative expression, Miami has seen it all. Swarms of International collectors, dealers and artists descend on the Magic City every December for Art Basel—the pinnacle show for anyone in the art world. But for the other 11 months of the year, local art galleries and the curators behind them are the fuel to Miami’s multi-faceted artistic fire.

The vision that arts supporter and real estate developer Tony Goldman had for the Wynwood Arts District—an international hub where culture, entertainment, fashion and art meet — is now a thriving reality. We’re pretty sure Goldman smiles from above every time a person Instagrams a photo of one of the murals from the Wynwood Walls. The street museum has been drawn out into the entire neighborhood of Wynwood, and amid the urban frescoes, you’ll find a plethora of galleries to incite the senses. Walk into any of them, and you’ll walk out feeling something new. Make sure to travel to the surrounding neighborhoods of the Design District and downtown, too, where you’ll find more galleries and work that speak to the inner artiste in all of us.

Wynwood Walls

Five years ago, this part of Wynwood was a ghost town. That was until the late Tony Goldman, the man behind the revival of Manhattan’s SoHo District, came into the picture. Today, anyone who visits Miami can’t leave without first strolling through the world-famous mural collective that makes up the Wynwood Walls and welcomes hundreds of gawking visitors daily.

Primary Projects

Primary Projects has never been one for going with the flow or fitting in. This unorthodox, artist-operated gallery first swung open its doors in the Design District before relocating to downtown, where its fearless and unapologetic exhibits match the grunge neighborhood. Perhaps you’ve heard of Miru Kim’s polemic performance piece where the once-upon-a-time OCD artist bared all with two pigs for 104 hours.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Owner and mentor Fredric Snitzer sits on the Art Basel selection committee and has been promoting art here since the 70’s, long before the rest of the art world had its eye set on Miami. This 40-year-old gallery is a canvas for artists such as Jose Bedia, Naomi Fisher and Gavin Perry, who also happen to be the reason for sold-out shows.

Spinello Projects

Anthony Spinello is an artistic force to be reckoned with: He took over his first gallery before he was legally allowed to drink. Today, as one of only two local art galleries invited to partake in Art Basel for the past two years—and selling out within hours of opening exhibit doors at Volta New York fair—Spinello Projects continues to climb the creative ladder, multiple steps at a time.

Gallery Diet

A diet rich in art is good for the soul. Indeed, that’s what gallery keeper and local activist Nina Johnson-Milewski believes, and her contemporary art gallery in Wynwood will satiate your craving for provocative exhibits. You never know what you’ll find, from meticulously thought-out furniture to works from artist Dan Milewski (Nina’s husband). One thing is certain: at Gallery Diet, passion is always on display.