Say good-bye to peanuts. U.S. airlines are offering some surprising—anddelicious—alternatives to sate your midair cravings. Below, a few of our favorites.

1. Baked-onboard chocolate chip cookies, Midwest Airlines (complimentary).

2. SahaleSnacks Socorro macadamia nuts, Alaska Airlines (part of a $6 deli pack).

3. Stacy’sSimply Naked Pita Chips, Virgin America (part of a $7 deli pack).

4. Terra Blues potatochips, JetBlue Airways (complimentary).

5. Mini Clif Bar, Delta Air Lines (part of a $5deli pack).

6. Teance tea collections, Virgin America ($2).

7. Cranberry nut mix,Midwest Airlines ($4).

8. Foxy’s Passion licorice, Frontier Airlines ($3).

9. Toblerone, Delta Air Lines (part of a $5 deli pack).

10. Flip’s Veggie Chips,Frontier Airlines ($3).

11. Joseph Banks cassava-root vegetable chips, Alaska Airlines(part of a $6 deli pack).