By Hadi Ktiri
January 28, 2015

It’s no secret that New Orleans isn’t really that new. In fact it’s far from it. Horses still parade visitors all over downtown like it’s still the 1800’s. People entertain each other over long and lavish dinners, their lives heralding a time long forgotten everywhere else in this country. Few cities have the charm and grandeur that come from hundreds of years of high cuisine and style. To fit in among the locals involves dressing in a way that can be tricky if you only shop for clothes at the mall. Here buying clothes from secondhand stores is a matter of pride. New Orleanians routinely dig through thrift stores on the hunt for part of their next great outfit. Anything from a purple bowtie to an old Saints t-shirt can be found at these vintage shops. You never know what you’ll find at one of these stores, and that is the whole point.

Funky Monkey

As one of the most relevant vintage stores in the city, Funky Monkey specializes in the ‘what’s hot right now’ of the old-school fashion scene. With a selection that changes quite frequently, this cool boutique has just what you need to be on the cutting edge of alternative fashion.

On the Other Hand

Located in the Carrolton neighborhood uptown, this local consignment shop is the best in the area. Vintage merchandise is stacked from back to front in an intense fashion, but a brief browse reveals a very good selection. Make sure to ask the owner, Kay about the selection of gowns in the back.

Buffalo Exchange

This great Magazine Street shop is very popular with local college students looking to freshen up their wardrobe in a fun and inexpensive way. They also will buy your used clothes. Filled with both faux-vintage and used clothing, this shop is a great place to pick through during a trip to the shopping district of Magazine.

A Girl is a Gun

More of a vintage inspired shop than actual vintage store; this uptown boutique is a great place to buy pin-up style dresses and other old-style clothing. A Girl is a Gun is also a vegan-based shop so if you are not into animal derived outfitting this is the shop for you.

Trashy Diva

Probably the most vintage-inspired boutique of the bunch, Trashy Diva easily has the most well designed dresses in the city. Fashion forward women from all over New Orleans regularly hit up this store in search of the newest – old style clothes to wear out on the town.