Top 5 Spots for Key Lime Pie in Miami
Credit: Food and Drink Photos / Alamy

There is probably no treat more quintessentially Miami than key lime pie. The pie that made Florida famous get its origins from the island of Key West and dates all the way back to the start of 20th century. Known for its creamy texture and tart but sweet flavor, key lime pie is always a good idea. But not all key lime pies are created equal. Some are more tart than others—a little too tart sometimes—depending on the juice that’s used. Others have interesting and unexpected ingredients in their crust besides the traditional graham. Such is the case at Kush, which throws pecans into the mix. Some are especially sour (in a good way), like Joe’s rendition, which has been around almost as long as the pasty itself. No matter the recipe or restaurant, one thing all key lime pies have in common is sweetened condensed milk and egg yolk to create the final product. You know what they say: when life gives you key lime pie, grab a spoon and dig in. No? That sounds good to us.

Joe’s Stone Crab

For a sweet ending to an already sweet meal, head to Joe’s. First you’ll chow down on freshly caught stone crabs and fried green tomatoes, and then you’ll repeat after me—“I’ll have a key lime pie for dessert.” Bet you didn’t think a pie could change your life. Joe’s only opens six months out of the year. For the other six, you can try and make it at home with their recipe. Disclaimer: it will never taste the same as it does at Joe’s.


Kush is a solid choice for burger and beers, but it’s also got one hell of a key lime pie. So don’t eat or drink too much, because the slices at Kush are colossal and topped with an orb of freshly whipped cream. Just as Kush sources their beef locally, key limes come from nearby purveyors and are squeezed daily. Even the crust, which throws pecans into the classic graham mix, is made from scratch. One sliver will have you hooked.

Blue Collar

Surely you’ve seen the movie Cocaine Cowboys that’s all about Miami. Its director Billy Corben is married to Meghan Perkins. Why is this important? Because Meghan makes the key lime pie at Blue Collar, and does so by hand squeezing key limes with her own two hands. You won’t find a zestier pie in town.


When this New York restaurant docked at the Loew’s in South Beach, putting a key lime pie on the menu became the first order of business. Lure’s owners did 120 days of due diligence—traveling to the Key West and tasting as many pies as possible—to create the perfect slice. One that utilizes fresh key limes from local farmers in Homestead and is equally tart as it is sweet. The end result will make you feel like you’re in Key West yourself.

Derek’s Bake Shop & Café

Here’s an interesting story: a fireman who also happens to be a baker. When he’s not busy putting out fires, Fireman Derek is whipping up a fury of pies at his Bake Shop & Café in Wynwood. The psychedelic mural of pies on the side of the building is a perfect portrayal of the mind-blowing concoctions Derek whips up. Order the key lime—it’s out of this world.