By Cristina Alonso
January 23, 2015
Credit: © Danita Delimont / Alamy

There are always plenty of reasons to celebrate in Mexico City, and with that in mind, we have built ourselves a pretty awesome festival schedule throughout the year. For music lovers, there’s Vive Latino, which has been celebrating Latin culture since 1998 and has now crossed borders and includes non-Latin performers in its lineup. There is also relative newcomer Corona Capital, which caters to indie and rock music fans. Filmophiles can get their documentary fix every year, too, thanks to the increasingly popular Ambulante Film Festival. As for culture vultures, they won’t be disappointed with the extensive offerings of Festival del Centro Histórico, held every year in the city’s historic downtown, or Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa, which caters to the more alternative crowd. If you’re planning to attend ticketed events at these festivals, it’s always wise to book with anticipation, and avoid the horrors of dealing with shady resellers.


Founded by a team that includes actors Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, this documentary film festival tours the country for three months every year. Mexico City’s turn is usually around January or February, and several venues host film screenings, talks and workshops, among other events –many of them free.

Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa

Twice a year (spring and fall), this culture fest takes over public spaces in two of the city’s hippest neighborhoods, promoting responsible and eco-friendly consumption. As you stroll around Roma and Condesa, wander into its many shops, restaurants and galleries for art and design exhibits, food and drink tastings, and more.

Festival del Centro Histórico

Celebrate the city’s historic downtown at this yearly party, which showcases all sorts of cultural expressions, from dance and opera to visual arts and gastronomy, held in different locations all over the neighborhood. Past guests have included Patti Smith, José Saramago and the Sydney Dance Company.

Corona Capital

For one weekend every fall, the massive Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez becomes the place to be for music fans from all over the country. Performers like The Strokes, Beck, Jack White and Arctic Monkeys have graced the stages at this festival, where local food trucks and amenity lounges complete the experience.

Vive Latino

This three-day blowout celebrates Latin music in Mexico City’s Foro Sol, which welcomes more than 70,000 audience members every day. The lineup mixes emerging artists with big-named headliners (Café Tacuba, Molotov, plus not-exactly-Latin guests like Arcade Fire), as well as more alternative performers (think jazz, progressive rock and experimental music).