Top Coffee Shops in Maui
Credit: Courtesy of MauiGrown

A day that begins with Hawaiian grown coffee is destined to be a great day. Something of an exclusive, boutique pick-me-up, Hawaii’s 7 million pounds of coffee produced annually account for .03% of the world’s total supply. As the only state in the U.S. that commercially harvests coffee, Hawaii has nearly 800 farms spread out over five different islands. While the first beans were grown on Oahu as early as the 1820s, the last two decades have seen a boom in demand for the caffeinated Hawaiian elixir. In fact, given the islands’ limited supply, Hawaiian grown coffee when measured by the pound is some of the most expensive in the world. At coffee shops here in Maui, however, it’s easy and affordable to sample flavorful varieties from all different corners of the state, whether that’s a machiatto made from Molokai beans or a mocha from right here on Maui.

Grandma’s Coffee House

Between the 100 year-old roaster in the plantation-style kitchen, the coffee trees hanging out over the porch, and the organic beans this family has harvested since opening in 1918, Grandma’s Coffee Shop is a step back in time in the rural pastures of Upcountry. Served at nearly 3,000 feet in elevation, pair the coffee with a Keokea crepe and live music on Sunday mornings.

Anthony’s Coffee Company

If the full espresso bar is good enough for Laird Hamilton, you’ll probably like it as well. This famous coffee shop fuels the world’s best watermen in Maui’s funkiest town, and the selection of beans from all corners of the world can make coffee-lovers feel like kids in the aisle of a casual, caffeinated candy store.

Maui Coffee Roasters

This Kahului staple has been helping Maui residents wake up since 1982. Choose from 100% Kona coffee or 100% Hawaiian blends, all of which are roasted in small batches daily here on Maui. With free WiFi and a central location, it’s perfect for a business meeting or a bite to eat before heading to Kahului Airport.

Hawaiian Village Coffee

Waking up early from a case of jetlag is common for Maui visitors. Luckily for caffeine addicts rising before the sun, Hawaiian Village Coffee opens at 5:30am—the earliest in the Ka‘anapali vicinity. Small, homey, and with a great sense of community, perk up with either a French roast or espresso—both of which feature Maui grown beans.

Maui Grown Coffee

Ka‘anapali coffee beans are grown on land that was formerly covered in sugar cane, so it only makes sense to taste the beans at the base of the sugar mill smokestack. Sample the trademark Maui Mokka or dark roasted Yellow Caturra, and learn how the 500-acre farm is revitalizing coffee on Maui.