In case you've ever wanted to take a little tour through Tokyo's best sights without shelling out for a plane ticket, today is your lucky day. British filmmaker Christoph Gelep created a four-minute compilation of Tokyo's many neighborhoods and monuments and shared it on Vimeo, and we can't get enough.

Gelep showcases both the incredible energy of a city that's home to more than 35 million people, while also exposing its quieter spots. (They do exist, but they may not be quite as quiet as you're used to.)

It also accomplishes something that many other travel videos have a hard time doing: capturing the culture and people on the streets. More often than not, travel videos weigh beautiful landscapes over a crowd-filled market scene, something that would be a complete disservice to this city.

Gelep shot all of this footage on a five-day trip through to Tokyo in January of 2016. Ready for your digital daydream? Drop what you're doing, grab your headphones, and check it out above. Reminder: We absolutely encourage spontaneous vacations.