The Average Cost of a Mini-Bar Coke In...

Paris: $11.76
New York:
Buenos Aires:
Cape Town:

Technological Breakthroughs

1888: Prospect House, in Blue Mountain Lake, New York, becomes the first hotel with electric lights.

1927: The Statler, in Boston, becomes the first hotel with radio reception.

1947: In-room televisions arrive at New York’s Roosevelt Hotel, among the first to install them.

1996: San Francisco’s Nob Hill Lambourne hotel offers Internet access in all of its rooms.


Nightly rack rate for the Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel, in Geneva—the most expensive hotel room in the world.


Number of gaming dealers employed by Las Vegas hotels and resorts.


Number of housekeepers employed by the same

Eleven Dollars

Average price of a U.S. hotel room in 1960

Ninety-Four Dollars

Average price of a U.S. hotel room in 2010


Percentage of major American budget hotel brands with complimentary in-room Internet access


Percentage of major American luxury hotel brands that offer complimentary in-room Internet access

Average Hotel Occupancy Rates in 2009

Sydney: 78.1%
Hong Kong: 73.7%
Melbourne: 73.6%
Paris: 73.5%

Mexico City: 50.1%
Beijing: 51.9%
Buenos Aires: 55.3%
Montreal: 57.9%

Sources: Mini-bar Coke prices: based on the April 2010 average price at five luxury hotels in each city. Technological breakthroughs: AH and LA. Average U.S. room rates 1960 and 2010: Smith Travel Research. Complimentary Internet access: based on a survey of U.S. hotel brands with 40 or more properties; chains that offer complimentary access in some, but not all, properties were counted among those that provide the free service. Las Vegas housekeeping and gaming dealers figures: Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation. Occupancy rates: STR Global.

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By Catesby HolmesDarrell HartmanAlexander BasekSherri EisenbergKathryn O'Shea-EvansLisa ChengErin FlorioSarah Storms and Jennifer Coogan