Burlesque sensation, newly-anointed MAC spokeswoman, and million-mile-member Dita Von Teese reflects on how to put a little flirt back into flying.

What’s your typical in-flight read?
"I love movie-star biographies. There are several out right now on Mae West—she was extraordinary."

How have you been dealing with the recent carry-on restrictions?
"I fly first class, and they give you amenities. But the in-flight duty-free must have been making a mint—I mean, who can live without moisturizer?"

Any insider tips for looking good at 30,000 feet?
"Yes: sleep. I always have my velvet Tempur-Pedic eye mask. And I wear a James Perse dress made from the softest cotton. When I land, I just throw on a beautiful coat and good shoes and I’m ready to go."

So…ever worn a corset on the plane?
"No, I haven’t! Stilettos, yes; garter belts, yes; but not a real, proper corset. I do wish people still dressed up to fly, though. It’s just not that way anymore."

What do you carry on that no one else does?
"My Louis Vuitton hatbox."