Peripatetic interior designer Vicente Wolf captures the unique beauty of far-flung places with his camera—then translates it into eclectic, famously elegant rooms. Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design (Monacelli Press, $50) is divided into five chapters based on visual themes he chronicled while abroad. "People travel and they often don't see," he observes. "This book says, 'Really look—bring it into your life.' " Here, some of the destinations that have inspired his work: Ethiopia "The people have tremendous personal style. They take the rest of the world's discarded things and make outfits that look like they came off a fashion runway." Burma "Everything is extravagant—the jungle, the sun, the fruits, the gilded temples, the jewel tones. It totally engulfs you, but in the most welcoming way." Syria "The contrast between the brightness and sharpness of the desert and the cool, verdant, water-filled interior courtyards is otherworldly. Life is incredibly inviting and luxurious behind closed doors there."