By Travel & Leisure
June 15, 2009

As any business traveler can attest, typing messages all day long on Lilliputian keypads is enough to give you that dreaded "blue thumb." Now relief is in sight for the PDA-addicted in the form of the Blackberry Balm Hand Massage. Available at select HyattPure Spa Resorts (800/233-1234;; treatment from $80) across the country, the 30-minute therapy entails warming sore hands with hot stones and towels; soothing fingers, palms, and wrists with acupressure; stretching tense arms and shoulders; and applying a balm derived from camphor oil and—no joke—blackberry powder, a proven antioxidant. And, no, you may not check your e-mail during the treatment. —PETER JON LINDBERG