The T+L Martini Index tracks the price of a gin martini at luxury hotels from Paris to Cape Town. We've also charted the corresponding currencies to see how they fared against the greenback over the past year, and forecast what's to come.

The dollar continues to be weak—but not uniformly—and its purchasing power varies widely around the world.

What a Martini Will Cost You in . . .

Paris $26
London $22
Geneva/Rome $16
New York $15
Tokyo $14
Sydney $12
Seoul/Toronto $11
Hong Kong $10
Mexico City $9
Shanghai/Warsaw $8
Buenos Aires $7
Cape Town $5

Percent Change in Value of Global Currencies Versus the Dollar

Source: J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd.

*The Chinese yuan has historically been pegged to the dollar, but analysts expect China to sever the link this year.

T+L Martini Index based on March 2005 average price of a house gin martini from a minimum of three luxury hotels in each city.

By Eric Wolff and Jennifer V. Cole