Recommended amount: $5–$20 per request, depending on complexity (a simple list of restaurant recommendations versus securing impossible-to-get concert tickets). Give the tip at the end of your stay.


Recommended amount: $3–$5 a day. Leaving cash on the bedside table is fine for a one-night stay, but it’s likely that several housekeepers will service your room if you stay longer than three days. In that case, put your tip in an envelope and drop it off with the front desk manager at checkout—he or she will be sure to distribute it equally.


Recommended amount: $1–$2 per bag; tip the valet $5, but only when he brings out your car.

Room Service

Recommended amount: $2–$5. If it’s not already included in the bill, put a few dollars into the bill’s sleeve, or simply add it to the check.

Spa Therapist

Recommended amount: 10–20 percent. When booking, ask the receptionist about the spa’s tipping policies—many hotels include the gratuity in the treatment cost.