Every August my family went to Nantucket. I have fond memories of bright beach umbrellas, cobblestones, windmills, scallop shells, and the accordion player who strolled along Main Street in the evenings while I ate my ice cream cone. I always dropped a penny overboard as the departing ferry rounded Brant Point Light, guaranteeing that I would return (according to a book called Two Pennies Overboard). I visited last fall, and in spite of the many changes, I still love Nantucket.
Jill A. Colpak
Acton, Mass.

Cherry Grove Beach in South Carolina was great for me as an only child. I didn't appreciate the good restaurants back then -- I wouldn't eat anything but scallops and hush puppies -- but I adored it. I plan to take my own family there soon.
Ieva K. O'Rourke
McLean, Va.

My favorite part of our summer trips to the town of Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island (off the southern California coast), was sailing on the Catalina. We would also swim, ride horses, see movies at the Art Deco-style Casino, and eat saltwater taffy. I still go back, and it's just as magical and romantic as ever.
Gena Holle-Cucchiara
San Diego, Calif.

When I was five, my family visited Jackson Hole. What I remember most is a restaurant where the dining rooms were tepees; food was served from a chuck wagon and we were entertained by cowboys. Walking through the town was like being in a western movie. I haven't been back, but I'll return someday.
Mel Chandler
Sherman Oaks, Calif.

My best vacations were spent on the South Dakota farm where my father grew up. My cousins and I fed baby pigs, drove a tractor, and played hide-and-seek. I remember rising at the first rooster's call to the scent of Aunt Lenore's cinnamon rolls. For a city girl like me, the farm was heaven! Next summer I'm taking my daughter.
Lorna Riggs
Downers Grove, Ill.

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