What's the strangest thing you've eaten on your travels?

What won't you eat?From Mexican dog burritos to Burmese avocado ice cream to the testicles of all kinds of animals, you've tried everything. The most popular responses: Australian witchetty grubs (fat white caterpillars) and Philippine balut (duck eggs almost ready to hatch).

On Jamaican akee trees, the fruit exposes its seeds and looks curiously like a face. If eaten before maturity, akee is poisonous-- but, carefully prepared, it has a bland taste and the consistency of scrambled eggs.
Linda B. Martin
Great Neck, N.Y.

On a trip to Romania, our hosts "honored" us with roasted lamb's eyeballs.
Sally O'Reilly
Minneapolis, Minn.

A hamburger in a pub on the Philippine island of Luzon: ground water-buffalo meat and goat's milk cheese on a sweet bun with banana ketchup. It was delicious.
Monica E. Grizzard
Escondido, Calif.

Though the dried scorpions at Singapore's Imperial Herbal Restaurant go well with beer, they won't make you give up pretzels.
Brian Tobin Tokyo, Japan

While in Australia's Kakadu National Park, I ate green ants. You pinch off the head and suck out the abdomen. It tastes of lemons (and apparently has lots of Vitamin C).
Mark Benson
New York, N.Y.

In Tokyo, we asked our guests, who were locals, to order. A bowl of live shrimp on crushed ice arrived. We felt we should eat it, but how?When we finally struggled through, the waiter brought us another bowl . . .
Dorothy Gossling
Toronto, Ont.

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