What's the most fabulous swimming pool you've seen?

The hands-down winners are the indoor and outdoor pools (the former lined in gold tile, the latter framed by a stunning Pacific view) at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California. We'll belatedly limit the competition, however, to pools that are open for use by the public.

The Phoenician 's mother-of-pearl pool sparkles in the Arizona sun as if it were filled with diamonds.
Holly Scoular
Houston, Tex.

The river pool at the Hyatt Regency Cerromar Beach in Dorado, Puerto Rico, provides a quarter mile of twists and turns, accented with slides, waterfalls, and a cave.
Susan Mullins DePue
Williamsburg, Va.

After seeing pictures in T&L of the stunning three-level pool at Amankila , we knew we had to go. Seemingly overflowing into the sea below, it alone justified the 23-hour journey to Bali.
A. R. Tenner and C. A. Beach
Englewood, N.J.

You can sit by the pool at the Kichwa Tembo Camp , in the Masai Mara in Kenya, and be just a fence away from the animals of Africa.
Karen and Jim LoBianco
Tierra Verde, Fla.

One portion of the Sheraton Grande Laguna 's pool, in Phuket, Thailand, has a gently sloped sand beach; another borders the rooms, so you can ease in right from your terrace. There are winding tributaries with hidden rocky coves; an island with palm trees; hammocks, bridges, and fountains. . . . It took a half hour to walk from end to end.
Pat Komorowski
Brecksville, Ohio