What do you do to relieve stress when you're on the road?

I take out my camera and begin shooting, looking for mountains and water whenever possible. Once the film is finished, I pop it in a prepaid mailer and send it off.
Heidi Slavin
Las Vegas, Nev.

Nothing calms me down as effectively as tai chi exercises, which require little space, no special clothing, and zero equipment.
Dolores Wong
Los Angeles, Calif.

Aside from practicing deep breathing and yoga, there are three things that work for me. I buy all the local newspapers I can find, then bury my face and read. Second, I go to the nearest ice cream store, get a giant cone with everything on it, and window-shop. Third, if I'm near the ocean, I just walk and watch the waves.
Michelle M. Murray
Southbury, Conn.

Being in the music business, I always have a wide selection of CD's within arm's reach in my car. In lieu of scream therapy (which also has its benefits), I sing along to my favorite tracks at the top of my lungs, and any road-induced turmoil quickly ebbs.
Retta Harvey
Nashville, Tenn.

I meditate, finding at least 15 minutes every day to sit quietly and get balanced through creative visualization and positive affirmations. It changes my perspective instantly and soothes my mind.
Cynthia Gray
Devon, Pa.

This holistic remedy for stress has worked for me for years: Locate the muscle in the web of skin between the thumb and index finger with the thumb and index finger of the other hand and firmly squeeze for ten seconds. Alternate between hands three times.
Will Whetzel
Pittsburgh, Pa.

I always keep crossword puzzles with me. They've saved my sanity during many a road construction block and airport delay, and they're good exercise for the mind.
Marian Carlsson
Lexington, Va.

I do not let my husband drive.
Tonya Hayes
Alamo, Calif.

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