Where will you be on New Year's Eve 1999?

I will be at the Great Pyramids, in Giza, and I can't wait. The gala celebration that's in the works promises to be spectacular.
Amy Abouelenein
Eden Prairie, Minn.

We're planning to spend the holiday with four other couples, enjoying four days in New Zealand, immediately west of the International Date Line.
Rob and Susan Polack
Indianapolis, Ind.

My wife and I are setting sail with Marine Expeditions on a cruise that will take us to all seven continents. We'll celebrate New Year's Eve in Buenos Aires, after having departed from Athens on November 19. I'm most interested in the remote destinations -- the ship sails to Antarctica, Easter Island, and Pitcairn Island.
Thomas Horton
Walnut Creek, Calif.

I'll be with a dozen friends in the desert in southern Morocco. We're bringing in as much champagne as we can carry, and staying in large, black Berber tents. We plan to build a big bonfire and cook tagine. For me, the real excitement of the event is not the stroke of midnight, but staying up to see the dawn of the new millennium. The Sahara seems like the best vantage point from which to watch the show.
Dave Freeman
New York, N.Y.

I plan on being snuggled warm in my bed with my two dogs, reading Travel & Leisure's January 2000 edition.
Lynne Styles
Chicago, Ill.

I am taking my family of 10 to Mexico, from December 23, 1999, through January 2, 2000. I'll pay for their airfare, hotel rooms, and a van and driver to take us wherever we want to go. (I'm not treating for food, though, because they all eat like horses.)
Helen H. Scull
Chico, Calif.

I'll be celebrating the end of a great century and welcoming the new millennium in Iceland with my husband's family.
Lena Q. Jonsson
St. Petersburg, Fla.

My husband of 30 years and I are taking a fantasy sea voyage for two days aboard the dry-docked Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California. I'm eagerly awaiting the party that's planned, with great food, lots of big band music, and dancing, dancing, dancing!
Mrs. B. C. Lamberth
Coronado, Calif.

I'm going to be atop the Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal. I was born and raised in Panama, so there's no better place for me to wait for the new millennium.
Junior Gonzalez
Lafayette, La.

I'll be on a five-day trek on Peru's Inca Trail -- it ends at Machu Picchu in time for New Year's Eve.
Carl Mulert
New York, N.Y.

We will be on our ranch in western Colorado (near the Grand Mesa), toasting the new year with silver goblets while riding our faithful quarter horses -- far away from computers, airports, and the madding crowds.
Connie and Stanton Green
Cedaredge, Colo.

We'll be cruising the Columbia, Willamette, and Snake rivers aboard the Queen of the West steamboat.
Ted and Irene McKinley
San Pedro, Calif.

I'll be at a party in Virginia. But why all the hullabaloo?The 21st century and the third millennium a.d. don't start until January 1, 2001. (Incidentally, 2000 is a leap year; 1900 and 1800 were not.)
Robert R. Cruse
Midlothian, Va.