On a recent trip back home to the States, we spent New Year's at Lake Tahoe. "The lake in the sky," as the Native Americans named it, is right on the money. The clean air invigorated us and we skied those glorious California mountains.
Amelia Bonvini
Venice, Italy

Lake Powell, along the Utah-Arizona border, is in a class by itself. The beauty of a sunset hitting the red cliffs all around it is indescribable.
Maria F. Ferreira
Danbury, Conn.

Our favorite is the big blue of Lake Huron. It offers so many choices, from the luxury of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island to the charming Canadian ports on the shoreline. The connected waters of Georgian Bay and the North Channel have thousands of islands to explore--there is nothing that can compare. It's the Caribbean of the north.
Michael and Eva O'Mara
Cleveland, Ohio

My favorite is Diversion Lake in Texas. It's perfect for waterskiing because it's never crowded. When we were there last summer, I saw only two other boats the whole weekend. What else could you want in a lake?
Marc Layton
Corpus Christi, Tex.

At the base of the Grand Teton, Jenny Lake, near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a dream. Last summer I took an early-morning hike on the trail that winds along the shore and spotted moose, deer, and a young grizzly pulling bark off a tree.
Richard Lujan
Naples, Fla.

New York's Seneca Lake is one of the deepest in the United States. The rolling hills surrounding this long, narrow body of water are covered with vineyards; it reminds me of the Rhineland.
Pietro Smith
Princeton Junction, N.J.

Oowah Lake in Moab, Utah, has incredible fishing, even right outside your tent. Every morning we had baby trout fried in pancake batter for breakfast.
Judy Levy
New York, N.Y.

There's nothing like Lake Michigan. I've walked the dunes, biked along the shore, and viewed the Chicago skyline from a boat, and I still cheer every time my plane descends over the lake and the city.
Barbara Armbruster
Geneva, Ill.

Kezar Lake in Center Lovell, Maine, isn't easy to get to from Arizona, but we always find a way. We sit lakeside among the pines, watch the sunset over New Hampshire's White Mountains, and listen to the plaintive call of the loons. Do this once, and you're hooked for life.
Gary and Bunni Singer
Sedona, Ariz.

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