What's the best beach in Europe?

I first traveled to France's Île de Ré because of your cover story in July 1998. I fell in love with this "Nantucket of Europe" for its low-key social scene and clean beaches. My favorite was the Plage du Petit Sergent, just outside the town of La Couarde-sur-Mer on the south coast; the view of sailboats cruising by on the wide-open Atlantic was a vacation in itself. I can't wait to return this June.
L. Smith-Richards
Canton, Ohio

Platja Gran in Tossa de Mar, a small town north of Barcelona, offers more than just sand and sun. Two- thousand-year-old Roman ruins and some well-preserved sections of a fortified medieval town can be found on a promontory overlooking the beach. The hike to the site is challenging, but it offers spectacular views of the Costa Brava--Spain's "wild coast."
Rick and Sheryl Fischer
Highland Park, Ill.

Without a doubt, it's the beach at Sanna Bay, on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in western Scotland. Sanna has white sand, and the blue-green color of the sea there is reminiscent of Hawaii. Best of all, there are no commercial buildings in sight--just a few crofters' cottages.
Eve L. Plasse
San Francisco, Calif

Forget about the Costa del Sol and the French Riviera. Go to Mykonos. The best sand on the Aegean is at Paradise Beach. You can Jet Ski, windsurf, lunch on octopus and salad at a taverna right on the beach, and watch the Beautiful People tan. At 4 p.m., happy hour begins and a band starts to play.
James Massialas
Highland Beach, Fla.

The beach at La Baule, on Brittany's Atlantic coast, is terrific. The air is clean, and the breeze carries the salted iodine smell of the sea. The colors, light, and mood of the sky and water change constantly. La Baule is one of France's best-kept secrets.
Harold Musnitsky
Penn Valley, Pa.

Hands down, the most wonderful spot I've been to is Lithí, on the western side of the Greek island of Chios in Trahilos Bay. This white sandy cove was hard to reach but well worth the trip.
E. E. Aktay
Munster, Ind.

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