What's the funniest thing that has ever happened during your travels?

Once, while overnighting in Carmarthen, Wales, my husband and I inadvertently crashed a wedding reception. We heard laughter and music coming from one of the hotel bars, and went in for a nightcap. Everyone was very friendly and bought us drinks, so we were having a great time . . . until we noticed the woman in the wedding gown. We went up to the bride's father and apologized profusely, but he insisted we stay for dinner. For the rest of the evening, he kept introducing us as "our special guests from across the pond." Needless to say, we later sent the couple a very nice wedding gift.
Jean Cohen
Bala-Cynwyd, Pa.

As a student, I traveled across Europe with a group of other teenagers. Naturally, we had to give the beds in our Berlin hotel the bounce test. We promptly found out that a leg on one of the beds was not up to par. When we summoned the bellboy, he matter-of-factly broke off the other three legs and said, "There you go."
Ed Rose
Bellevue, Ohio

On a trip to Ireland, my mother and I stopped for stamps at a post office. We queued up at the end of the long line, and upon reaching the window, discovered that we were on line for the dole--unemployment checks!
Alice M. Paroby
South Orleans, Mass.

While on vacation in Moorea, we decided to take "Le Truck," the only official bus service on the island. We asked at the hotel desk when the next Truck was due and were told, "Real soon." After waiting at the bus stop a half-hour in the rain, I went back to the hotel and asked again. "Any moment," was the reply. After another half-hour I asked again. "May I see your watch?" the desk clerk said. He then took my watch, locked it in his desk, and said, "Now you're on Moorea time. Go back outside and enjoy the rain and the island." A little while later, a school bus stopped and gave us a ride.
Lou Meyer
Rancho Cordova, Calif.

We were staying at a small B&B in Whistler, British Columbia, one New Year's Eve. At about 3:30 a.m., I detected some activity at the foot of our bed. One of the other guests had become disoriented when she got up to use the bathroom and was trying to crawl into our bed, thinking she was in her own room. It took my wife and me an hour to get back to sleep, we were laughing so hard.
John Hathorn
South Windsor, Conn.

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