What's wrong with most hotels?

So many hotel rooms still aren't technologically user-friendly. All the room phones should have input jacks for computers, and there should be a phone jack near the desk with instructions on how to dial Internet service providers, particularly in cities with 10-digit dialing.
Wayne Lowen
Kissimmee, Fla.

I'm in the habit of reading in bed, and I've found the lighting in most hotel rooms very inadequate. I have resorted to carefully packing my own high-wattage bulb, which saves both my eyesight and a call to housekeeping for a bulb upgrade.
Dr. S. William Ries
Via e-mail

Rather than what's wrong, I like to think about what's right with the hotels I love. A great hotel has character, soft sheets and plump pillows on the beds, and beautiful bathrooms. It's a place where I can relax and feel safe. An establishment like that is more important to me than the destination itself.
Jill Martin
Niles, Ill.

As a flight attendant, I travel all the time. Most hotels don't have windows that open, and I like fresh air when I sleep.
Mary Tollefson
Gig Harbor, Wash.

It seems there are always long lines at check-in, with little information about room choices, views, floor, etc. The check-out is usually slow, too. There should be some kind of ATM-like device where you can just check yourself out and get a receipt right on the spot.
Marcelo Salup
Miami, Fla.

I can almost always predict how satisfied I will be with my hotel by the way I'm greeted at the reception desk. I find that the attitude toward guests begins at the top. Most places don't impress upon their staff how important that first contact is. When I'm warmly welcomed, I know that all my needs will get the same kind of attention.
Rosalind E. Rice
Owings Mills, Md.

The Duchess of Windsor had it right: Travel with your own sheets. At too many hotels, I find that the blankets and pillows aren't very fresh and the sheets are scratchy.
Margaret Hall
Prairie Village, Kans.

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