That's easy. I'd just go back to the 1980's, when I had a 20-year-old body and spent the summer backpacking through the Greek islands for only $1,500!
Guy Nevirs
Rockaway Park, N.Y.

I'd like to travel to the Mexico City of the 1840's, which Frances Calderón de la Barca described so brilliantly in her classic Life in Mexico. I'd attend the salons and soirées she depicted and follow her to Cuernavaca, Pátzcuaro, and the ancient silver mines.
Gale Randall
Palo Alto, Calif.

I dream of going to Ellis Island in the early 1900's to peek into the precious trunk of my immigrant ancestors. What items did it hold?Who carried it?I yearn for this journey into the past because I now possess that mysterious trunk of secrets.
Judith D. Hamed
New Castle, Pa.

I would join Lewis and Clark on their trek across America in its early years. Eight thousand miles through unmapped, spectacular territory, rising each morning not knowing what wonders were to be seen, what dangers overcome, and what discoveries made. Such an adventure!
Gene Hazel
Tampa, Fla.

My wish would put me in Miami Beach in the 1920's. Long black limos outside the Art Deco jewels on Ocean Drive, foot-long cigarette holders, dressed-to-the-nines flappers on the arms of dapper Dans . . . ah, if wishing could make it so.
Linda Pearl
Stoughton, Mass.

Since I am a descendant of Captain James Lawrence, I would like to travel back to the War of 1812 and be aboard the USS Chesapeake off the coast of Boston when Lawrence coined the famous motto "Don't give up the ship!" It would be great to explore the Pennsylvania countryside during that period in history.
George Halo
Linden, N.J.

I'd love to go back a hundred years and travel with my great-grandfather on the southern Silk Road from Tehran to Kashgar, Mashhad to Samarkand. He was a self-made man who built a profitable trading company taking goods from the Orient to Paris. As a child, I used to stare at the Chinese porcelain my grandmother inherited from him and get her to tell me the intriguing story of his journeys along the trade route.
Darya Allen-Attar
Hoboken, N.J.

Ever seen Braveheart?If I were to pick one time period and place to visit, it would definitely be Scotland in the late 1200's. Clans and lairds, bloody feuds and wars—what an exciting and dangerous history!
Brittany Deniston
Spokane, Wash.