For his latest project, photographer Harry Benson returns to Copenhagen's magical park, a place he first experienced with the Beatles.

Courtesy of H.N. Abrams

Harry Benson first saw Tivoli—Copenhagen's beloved 164-year-old pleasure garden—in 1964, on tour with the Beatles as their official photographer. George Harrison and he explored the place, and both were drawn in by its fantastical charm. Benson, who went on to become one of the presiding geniuses of photojournalism, recently returned to Tivoli to see, as he says, "what was going on." Over the course of a year of visits in 2006, he captured the spirit of the park on film—from its colorful, animated spectacles to the expressions of spectators young and old. The pictures are cheerful and off-the-cuff, extraordinary in every eloquent detail.

Harry Benson's Tivoli Gardens will be published this fall by H.N. Abrams.