Tough economic times breed creative thinking, so we asked five travel-industry insiders to tell us where to find value right now.
Credit: Courtesy of Danny Meyer


Susan Helstab, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Four Seasons

“Our rates are our rates, and we don’t drop them. But we’re offering more packages with added value by throwing in a third or fourth night free, a spa credit, or breakfast—one of those things that everybody eats.”


Danny Meyer, CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group

“People feel better when they go out to eat in a full place. I’m keeping my restaurants filled however I can. At the Modern, we started a new list called Wines for These Times, a page of 35 bottles under $50.”

Online Booking Agents

Tracey Weber, Chief Operating Officer, Travelocity

“This year, our team is putting extra energy toward home-port cruising: it’s a great way for travelers to save money since they avoid paying airfare. The price difference between a home-port cruise versus a Caribbean-based one is profound.”


Steve Ridgway, Chief Executive, Virgin Atlantic

“We’re growing our premium economy cabins. The service fits a real need at the moment. Business travelers who want to cut costs can trade down, while leisure travelers looking for more space are still willing to spend a little extra.”

Travel Agencies

Priscilla Alexander, President and Founder, Protravel International, Inc.

“Travelers should pay particular attention to last-minute opportunities right now. And certainly with cruises and front-of-plane seating, you’ll find some great values.”