Tipping the Parking Valet

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Q. What is the proper tip to give when you arrive at a hotel and the parking valet takes your car to park?Should I tip the person when he takes the car or wait until I have the car brought back to me?Should I tip whoever takes my luggage from the car into the hotel?And how much?

A. There's no need to tip the valet when you drop the car off; he won't expect a tip. He will, however, expect one when he brings the car back to you. Depending on how fancy the hotel is, and how far away your car is parked from the hotel entrance, tip the valet $2-$5 when he returns your car.

I don't tip the employee who takes my bags from the car to the reception desk, unless he is also the bellhop who takes my luggage to my room. I tip bellhops usually $1-$2 per suitcase, with a minimum of $5 if he shows me around the room and generally acts helpful.

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