By Stacey Leasca
October 22, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of AbracadaRoom

Yeah, looking up at the stars while laying in the grass on a blanket is nice. But you know what’s nicer? Looking up at the stars inside a luxurious micro-house built just for you.

Designed by architects Louis and Nathalie Blanco, Le Carré d'étoiles are ultra-tiny, but mega-luxurious miniature camping cubes built with both the discerning traveler and the heavens above in mind.

Credit: Courtesy of AbracadaRoom

Each of the cabins clock in between a miniscule 92-161 square feet, but come decked out with running water, electricity, heater, a full bathroom, sitting area, a flat-creen TV, terrace, coffee pot, microwave and more. But, the true pièce de résistance is the lofted bed placed perfectly underneath a transparent dome.

Inside the tiny cubes, visitors will also find their own stargazing chart and other useful equipment like a telescope and observation kit, which they can use while lounging in bed all night long.

Credit: Courtesy of AbracadaRoom

Because the natural world is so important to the creators of Le Carré d'étoiles, each one is constructed with Mother Nature in mind. As Culture Trip reported, the cubes are made entirely from recycled materials. Furthermore, the cubes can easily be dismantled, as they are at the end of every season, and packed away until the next year. This helps to further minimize their impact on the environment when not in use. Additionally, for every guest that books their cabin stay on Abracadaroom, the company plants a tree via the Environment & Development program by Planète Urgence.

Credit: Courtesy of AbracadaRoom

The company has more than 20 cubes available for rental in 12 different locations across France. Unshockingly, they are extremely popular accommodations, so if you want one you'll want to reserve it for your summer 2019 vacation now. While making a reservation make sure to check “yes” for the optional breakfast, which will be delivered right to your tiny cabin’s door.

Cabins start at $103 a night.