Hoping to get rid of dated impressions and open up its programs to adults of all ages, the 34-year-old educational travel organization Elderhostel recently changed its name to Exploritas, a combination of the words ‘explore’ and ‘veritas,’ to promote their mission of pursuing “adventures in lifelong learning,” particularly among baby-boomers.

"Elder was kind of a turnoff for me, and I'm beyond living in dorms with a backpack on my back. . .That was kind of the vision I had of it. But when I started seeing the opportunities and talking to somebody who had done it, obviously it's not the case," Jack Pickard, a 62-year-old from Ohio told the Wall Street Journal.

Since 1975, the organization has provided adults with nearly 8,000 reasonably priced learning and travel experiences throughout the United States, and more than 90 other countries. Its safaris, cruises, and hikes, led by experts and locals, include meals, accommodations, and transportation.

In addition to the name change, Exploritas also has several new programs and features including:

*Domestic programs in cities such as New York, Santa Fe, and New Orleans.

*Greater flexibility for international programs, featuring shorter trips for those with limited availability/budget.

*A Facebook-like social networking tool on their redesigned website to help participants keep in touch with friends from their journeys.

Lyndsey Matthews is an online editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.